9th Asian Film awards- strange things you see.

I’ve been in this business too long to remember but I love the way something new and strange can always happen.

Off to the 9th Asian Film Awards last night in the vain hope that a few International stars would slip along -we were graced with Jermaine Jackson.

Photographers pen opened for positions at 4pm. I get there at 4.15 not too worried because of the size of the allocated space. When I arrive, not one single male photographer. I’m all for equal rights but something doesn’t fit. All the girls have virtually the same camera and lens. All the girls were Mainland Chinese or speaking Mandarin.All the girls are using shopper type bag ie like a Longchamp shopper to keep their cameras in. (I’m seeing a gap in the market of womens camera bags.) And finally, they all had media passes….all 40 of them.

So we are waiting and it got me thinking. I finally even thought that maybe they wanted this Awards to appear a success so they shipped in dumby photographers to fill the pen. Eventually more press arrived and the usual males swelled the numbers.

Celebs start to arrive and these girls aren’t falling over themselves to photograph them. Maybe someone forgot to brief them about how to act.

They’re not in my way so I leave them. In fact on our end there was a cluster of only 4 of us actually working.

2 hours pass and the there’s a stir in the pack. A Korean band called Infinity are announced as next to arrive on the red carpet. The boys arrive and walk the route. The “press’ went mental. Screaming shouting and all sorts and every camera up.

The boys move up the carpet and the girls are all gone. They were fans with passes. In 15 seconds all of them were out of there chasing the band up the red carpet.

Who issued those press passes?

Left in a huge press pen with 8 working press!!!

So here they are……Infinity

9th Asian Film awards at the Venetian Macau

And we have the golden boy of Hong Kong, Actor Aaron Kwok with Japanese screen legend Rie Miyazawa

9th Asian Film awards at the Venetian Macau

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for-Mr J Jackson…

9th Asian Film awards at the Venetian Macau


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