Best place to hide? With people the government wants to ignore

As people across the world sort to find the now-famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, he was safe in the hands of those the Government of Hong Kong wishes to ignore.

Press speculated about his whereabouts while the US made it clear they would get him back but today the 3 families that kept him safe are named and the focus turns on them.

They took him in as they understood what it was like to have your life under threat. Now it’s time to appreciate these people and focus on why the Hong Kong government wants to keep those accepted for asylum in Hong Kong at next to zero.

Canada’s National Post, Germany’s Handelsblatt, and the New York Times, have the story of those waiting in limbo for their claims to be settled. Those in the story are but a small handful of the 11000 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong just waiting….


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