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HSBC Rainbow lions- A step too far?

As the controversy swells in Hong Kong over the Rainbow lions at HSBC Headquarters Central,is it a PR backfire?  It’s got people talking and we all know ignorance is the enemy of just about anything you can think of. A petition to remove them may be gaining signatures but will anyone really move banks?

HSBC Lions #HSBCpride

Jane Goodall still working for change at 84

When most elderly people would be relaxing and reflecting on their lives, Jane Goodall spends 300 days a year still travelling the world informing as many people as she can about the plight of the planet and the necessity for change.

At a gala Hong Kong dinner this week, guests crowded around Dame Dr Jane Goodall, all talking of the influence hearing her speak had had on their lives.

City of Sport: Formula E one day, Hong Kong Open Tennis the next

While the Formula E was a “No ticket No view” event, today’s opening round of the main draw was free to those lucky enough to get there early. Centre court was near capacity showing Venus Williams is still a great draw for the competition.

Centre court was near capacity showing Venus Williams is still a great draw for the competition.

Tickets may not be free to all tomorrow but its “Students’ Tuesday” that’s Free Admission for Full-time Students.

Refugees attend special screening of #Snowdenmovie

Hong Kong SAR China, 30th September 2016

The Snowden movie finally arrives in Hong Kong with a special screening taking place before the general release. Celebrities attended the event but of most interest were a group of refugees including Ajith and Vanessa. Snowden taking on refugee status in Hong Kong meant he became one of them and ultimately he accepted the hospitality of 3 families to hide  out in the city.

Vanessa read the following statement-

My name is Vanessa.

I am an asylum seeker from the Philippines.

I provided a place for Edward Snowden to live while was in Hong Kong in June 2013.

I can say that I am very proud of Me Snowden and what he did to inform the world about US government spying on regular people.

I want to tell you that since the story came out in the news about how I and AJITH and Supun and Nadeeka helped Mr Snowden that the Hong Kong Government has cut off any rental and electricity assistance to me for the new place I am moving to.

About 2 weeks ago the ISSHK which is a government agency questioned me about how I helped  Mr Snowden

I told my ISSHK case officer that I would not answer her questions and to speak with my lawyer MR TIBBO

Then ISSHK told me they would not pay my electricity bill and would not pay my future rent deposit and agency fee.

I can also say that the Hong Kong government does not pay for Ajith’s and Supun and Nadeeka’s rent and electricity in full.

I have no regrets helping Mr Snowden but do not think I should be questioned about Mr Snowden and I should not be punished for not answering ISSHK questions.

Mr Jonathan Man and Mr Tibno are my lawyers.

Mr Man will answer any questions you have.

Thank you

Keeping the pressure on

Activists and refugees stage a protest in Hong Kong on the US to pardon fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden.Protesters those that helped Snowden as “heroes” for helping him evade authorities in 2013.

He fled the US to Hong Kong, where he allowed the world an insight into the extent of US surveillance.

He evaded capture hiding in crowded tenements in the city with four refugees and the help of a human rights lawyer Robert Tibbo.

Refugees Ajith Puspa , Supun Thilina Kellapatha and wife Nadeeka Dilrukshi Nonis from Sri Lanka along with Vanessa Mae Rodel from the Philippines each hid Snowden until he was able to leave the country en route to Russia.

Protesters said the city’s refugees, many of them forced to live in slum-like conditions, and Snowden both suffered rights abuses.

More than 50 protesters chanted “Pardon Snowden” and “We are not criminals” as they marched to the U.S. consulate, with many holding placards in both English and Chinese.


Protest organisers said 11,000 refugees have applications for protection pending but have no official status and no right to work.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union have launched a campaign to pressure President Barack Obama to pardon Snowden.

Best place to hide? With people the government wants to ignore

As people across the world sort to find the now-famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, he was safe in the hands of those the Government of Hong Kong wishes to ignore.

Press speculated about his whereabouts while the US made it clear they would get him back but today the 3 families that kept him safe are named and the focus turns on them.

They took him in as they understood what it was like to have your life under threat. Now it’s time to appreciate these people and focus on why the Hong Kong government wants to keep those accepted for asylum in Hong Kong at next to zero.

Canada’s National Post, Germany’s Handelsblatt, and the New York Times, have the story of those waiting in limbo for their claims to be settled. Those in the story are but a small handful of the 11000 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong just waiting….

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