Death in China of Liu Xiaobo leads to Hong Kong protest

China’s Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo died on Thursday aged 61 after losing a battle with cancer.

Eyes internationally were on China over the last month in the hope of good news. Hope remained to the end that he would be able to leave China for medical help but the month slipped away.

Artist and activist Alexandra Wong, breaks down.

Death in China of Liu Xiaobo leads to Hong Kong protest

Silent protest for inaugural “China Human Rights Lawyers” Day

Marking the 2nd anniversary of the crackdown on lawyers and activists in China, known as the “709 incident”, protesters gather on the steps of the Final Court of Appeal in Central to stand in silence for 7minutes and 9 seconds.

China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG) @chrlcg who called for the protest, continue to fight for those still in detention.

The inaugural China Human Rights Lawyers' Day 2017 commemorated in Hong Kong

Exhilarating sport- Cycling World Track championships

On reflection, the Cycling world championships in Hong Kong were a real sports highlight for the city. If you ever have a chance to see anything like it, do.


Most powerful HK Rugby Sevens try

In a sudden death situation. South Africa’s Ruhan Nel broke the deadlock with a flying try. Thanks to him, they are in the Cup final and USA play for a 3rd or 4th position

South Africa vs USA Hong Kong Rugby 7's Day 3South Africa vs USA Hong Kong Rugby 7's Day 3


Hong Kong Seven kick off with a record

Englands Sevens legend, Dan Norton, has broken the World Rugby Sevens try scoring record during their 50-0 defeat of Korea on the opening night.

Dan Norton scores for England

Robert Tibbo talk at the FCC

Not a single person left their seats today during barrister Robert Tibbo’s talk at the FCC about whistleblower Edward Snowden. Joined by 3 of the refugees, peoples empathy was clear as many came to shake their hands on the way out of the venue.Robert Tibbo talk FCCRobert Tibbo talk FCCRobert Tibbo talk FCCRobert Tibbo talk FCCWith some rugby to follow…. From the Rugby 10’s straight into the HK sevens


From Carrie to Mao

Warhol's 'Mao' screen print comes up for action at Sotheby'sWarhol's 'Mao' screen print comes up for action at Sotheby'sWarhol's 'Mao' screen print comes up for action at Sotheby's

Threats of protests, arrests of protesters, a pink diamond and Mao. Just a normal week in Hong Kong.

Carrie Lam took over as CE of the city-state with arrests of Occupy Central protesters in action within 12 hours. But all was forgotten with the Sotheby’s spring sales. The hope of $1 million per carat for the precious 59.6 carat pink diamond appears a bargain against the $98 million offered for Warhol’s Mao. Which would you want to own?

Warhol’s Chinese leader Mao Zedong at USD$12.7 million was a bargain- well short of the top estimate of more than USD$15 million.

Still time to grab the pink diamond due for auction on Tuesday.

Back to reality- Carrie Lam is the new CE of Hong Kong. Hands up who’s happy with that.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Chief Executive mets with Chief Executive elect Carrie LamChief Executive mets with Chief Executive elect Carrie Lam


Carrie Lam has breakfast with the people



HSBC Rainbow lions- A step too far?

As the controversy swells in Hong Kong over the Rainbow lions at HSBC Headquarters Central,is it a PR backfire?  It’s got people talking and we all know ignorance is the enemy of just about anything you can think of. A petition to remove them may be gaining signatures but will anyone really move banks?

HSBC Lions #HSBCpride

Jane Goodall still working for change at 84

When most elderly people would be relaxing and reflecting on their lives, Jane Goodall spends 300 days a year still travelling the world informing as many people as she can about the plight of the planet and the necessity for change.

At a gala Hong Kong dinner this week, guests crowded around Dame Dr Jane Goodall, all talking of the influence hearing her speak had had on their lives.

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